Les Cyclopes

Recording of Le Roux, Diapason d'or (2006)

[...] Of course, Lapointe and Maeder are not the first to revisit the 17th Century masters via such instruments, but these two accomplices go further; a question of ease, of (deeper) respiration, of energy…

The “duo” approach is another reason. The 1705 collection sets the example in offering counterparts for a second harpsichord for five pieces. Lapointe and Maeder follow that example with enlightened imagination.

Here, a “lute-like” figure intertwines with the melody, there, arpeggios shimmer on its surface. The second keyboard also has the power to accentuate the dancer’s steps with mischievous aplomb (the irresistible Minuet in D!), orchestrate the great Chacone in F, and soften the Sarabande in F minor by the imperceptible staggering of the twenty fingers. Gaspard Le Roux’s sensuous harmonies are resplendent, resonating with exhilaration. The three-hundred-year-olds are jubilant. 

Gaëtan Naulleau - Diapason



“… a twinkling virtuosity that transcends the most austere and the most effervescent passages alike”


Le Liberté

            “Les Cyclopes: pure enchantment… a genuinely superb concert that bears witness once more to the importance of an ensemble such as this one in the musical landscape of Caen”.

Patrick Nicolle


Ouest France

            “A sensational evening that clearly sets the record straight: the art of baroque playing reaches heights of intelligence, finesse and clarity…! Les Cyclopes have an unedulcorated vision of baroque music, and they champion it with concurrent courtesy and conviction ”

Olivier Hauray



“An exceptional concert for an exceptional day"

Reincken recording

“Anatema para los que se obstinen en ignorar este disco”

Ritmo - Spain


In the case of Le Roux, working out the contrepartie is a more cerebral process than one might think, involving as it does the reinvention of ornaments and the recrafting of textures, both of wich require an intimate knowledge of the French harpsichord style.

 In this respect, Bibiane Lapointe and Thierry Maeder (founders of the Baroque Ensemble Les Cyclopes) make a distinct contribution by fully realizing Le Roux’s intention and rendering these pieces convincingly on two harpsichords in Le Roux : Pièces de clavessins. ...

Early music 2007


Binder recording  

"Empfindsam-gefällige bis bezaubernde Musik. Bibiane Lapointe und Thierry Maeder interagieren makellos, kadenzieren brillant und werden von einem Ensemble begleitet, das ebenso beherzt zupackt wie angemessen dezent begleitet."


“ il disco della Pierre Verany, interpretato con freschezza e vitalità dall’Ensemble Les Cyclopes, contribuisce a fare ulteriore luce su un ambito repertoriale ancora tutto da scoprire…  “

Gramophone - Italie Internet

“they are quite substantial compositions…  in these crisp and sensitive performances”

Early Music review


“The playing of Les Cyclopes is utterly marvelous - lively, stylish performances on period instruments”


“Les Cyclopes are admirably forthright, yet capable, too of portraying with a rich palette an intensity of feeling and immediacy which few baroque chamber ensembles achieve so effortlessly.”

In tune,  Japon