Les Cyclopes

With their baroque and mythological image, that of a terrifying monster and a pyrotechnical figure, «Les Cyclopes» explore baroque vocal Art with a totally new approach. They cover this aboundind universe with strength and enthusiasm, precision and contrast, ranging from the intimacy of the harpsichord to theatrical exuberance.

Led by their two irrepressibly curious artistic directors, harpischordist Bibiane Lapointe and organist Thierry Maeder, Les Cyclopes explore the extraordinary abundance of the baroque repertoire of the predecessors and contemporaries of Johann Sebastian Bach, from the ice cold banks of the Baltic, to the somptuous salons of Versailles, from the temples in Hamburg to the baroque gilt of the Dresden palaces.

In 2011, Les Cyclopes opened their Abendmusiken Cycle at the Trident Scène Nationale Cherbourg-Octeville, original creative work around the predecessors of Johan Sebastian Bach.

Les Cyclopes perform in prestigious French festivals (Ambronnay, Festival Radio France de Montpellier, Lanvellec), in Europe (Bozar In Brussels, Oude Muziek in Utrecht, Brescia, Montreux) and America. Their recordings have all been acclaimed by international critcs: the latest, Abendmusiken (ZigZag, may 2011) on Mathias Weckmann, has recieved 5 diapasons.

Les Cyclopes are in residence at the Museum of Fine Arts of Caen. They benefit from the support of the French Minsitry of Culture, the Basse Normandie Region, the city of Caen and the Institut Français.